Karl Viger Personal Training


Get Fit, Stay Fit!

Looking to lose weight, build muscle or just get into shape? Striving for fitness results? Then you’ve come to the right place! Karl will give you the tools and information you need to reach your fitness goals now! Karl’s training solutions are designed for regular everyday people who have REAL lives and limited amounts of time and resources. You don’t need a personal chef, fad diets or expensive equipment to get into shape. All you need is the right science on your side!


Don’t put it off any longer!

You’ve come up with all the excuses: I’ll wait until next Monday to start exercising and/or eat right, but its going to be INSERT Holiday, or I can’t afford it (gym equipment/membership), eating healthy costs too much. While there are a sea of endless excuses, none of them are valid. Think of all the money you spend on your house, car or any other inanimate object. That body of yours is the only real vehicle that you’re living in. You only get one, you either get better or worse and its progressive. Start now, whether its baby steps or big steps, today is the right day to get started.

Don’t believe mainstream media!

There are literally thousands of fad diets and magic bullets out there: Cookie diets, cabbage soup recipes, fruit only, no carb, eat rubber shoes that are painted purple…etc. Don’t get caught up in the mainstream media trying to reinvent health or food every month. Although there are many reputable magazines and websites out there, use your better judgement and try to discern between hype and actual facts. It will save your wallet and your health.

Getting Started

Ok, so how does one start to get into shape? Start by writing down your general habits. For each day write down what time you woke up, what you ate at the time you ate it and whether or not you performed any activities that day. After two weeks look at your journal, have you been missing meals, eating rich and skipping workouts or activities? The next step, go see a reputable personal trainer with your journal. If the personal trainer is any good, they will be able to adapt your training and eating regime to fit your lifestyle and it should feel painless. If all else fails, come see me…. I’ll help you out! 😉

Want to join one of the fastest growing industries in North America?

Perhaps you’re ready to make your healthy lifestyle into a business. Why not? It’s both rewarding on a personal level and on a financial one.

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