Getting Fit – PT 2


Alright in PT 1 you hopefully understood the importance of having a journal. Now let’s take a look at your lifestyle.

We all hear at one point or another in our lives that our metabolisms slow as we age. Well, they do to a small extent since we are no longer growing and developing as adults… But here’s the kicker: We’re all responsible for that slow-down. Wonder why?

Let’s take a general look at all our lives compared to when we were younger.

When you’re young, you’re out playing with your friends until your parents call you in for dinner, then you’re back out until it starts getting dark. The activities you performed were very physical: sports, games in parks and your only mode of transportation was either your own two legs or a bicycle.

Let’s fast forward to now. If you’re like most people, you have a job where you sit down most of the time, you either drive a car or take the bus so either way you’re always sitting. When you get home mentally exhausted from your day, do you go out and play for a few hours until dark? No, you plunk yourself in front of the tv, game console or computer.

See the connection? The less you move, the less you burn.

Here’s another interesting concept:
Everybody is commenting on youth obesity these days. We can get into proper nutrition and open that can of worms at a later date… But what are their daily activities like? Look in the parks these days… They’re empty. Most kids these days are glued to a game console or computer monitor. I’ve had the opportunity to work with minors and I was shocked at the state of their bodies, both in terms of body composition and mechanics.

Alright, getting a little side tracked here.

Bottom line: Get active, all the little things add up!

See you soon for PT 3

– Yours in health,

Karl Viger

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