About Karl Viger

Personal Trainer – Author – Teacher

Karl Viger Personal Training

Karl Viger is a recognized fitness expert who has worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life. The spectrum of his work throughout his career has ranged from mentor, lifestyle management coach all the way to teacher and public speaker. Viger got involved in personal training as a means to share his fitness knowledge with people, and give them the necessary tools to accomplish their fitness goals. His personable nature and genuine interest in his clients and their fitness goals ensures that everyone Karl works with is going to receive the best possible program to fit their lifestyle needs. Many of the techniques and concepts he uses are drawn from his 15 years of experience which spans from training in the military, martial arts, bodybuilding and working with other professionals within and outside the field.

Karl is currently affiliated with sports clinics and has begun working with hospitals in order to bridge the gap between the medical field and fitness fields. He works alongside doctors, osteopaths and orthopedic surgeons to ensure an open communication and best possible care for his clients and athletes.


Body transformation, recovery from injuries, fitness, nutrition, personal training certification.

Whether you are an experienced athlete looking to break through your current plateau, a first time gym member / home client looking to establish a routine and take your training to that “next level”, or getting ready for a Firefighter/ Police exam, Karl can assist you in arriving at your fitness destination!

He offers 1-on-1 task/sport specific personal training, a personal training certification course recognized by doctors and insurance companies, various seminars as well as fitness boot camps. Click here for details!

Current Training Locations

Karl trains clients both privately in their homes and at gyms. He currently covers these Quebec locations: Grenville, St-Lazare, Hudson and Vaudreuil. In Ontario: Vankleek Hill, Hawkesbury and L’Orignal. He seminars in various locations across Canada and soon to be the U.S.

Karl’s Clients

Karl trains clients from all walks of life. Ranging from people who are just starting out to elite level athletes. He is also involved with Firefighters and Police officers as well as people who are preparing for their Firefighting and Police exams.

Karl’s Credentials and Endorsements

Karl has spent thousands of hours researching sports nutrition, training methodologies, biomechanics and training periodization. He also holds a CORFIT certification for personal training as well as for performance nutrition.

Jeffrey Ferranti, MD, MS

Chief Medical Information Officer and Vice President for Clinical Informatics Duke University Health System

Karl is a smart, energetic, and extremely knowledgeable personal trainer. His knowledge of nutrition science and physiology is particularly strong. Karl has been very successful in providing a complete package for his clients (nutrition, targeted exercise, and psychosocial motivation). I strongly endorse his multidisciplinary and personalized approach to fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

Michael Markowski, MD

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Personable, engaging, knowledgeable, down to earth, and quietly inspirational would be some of the qualities I would use to describe Karl Viger. I first got to know him while he was a personal fitness “guru” for a friend and me. We were not the most obvious training duo. We were different ages, had different fitness backgrounds, injury concerns, and busy personal schedules. Yet we both wanted to get in shape and lose weight despite previous failed attempts, and felt that we would help keep each other motivated. We were an almost hopeless cause seemingly in need of a miracle. That’s where Karl entered into the picture. He carefully assessed our needs and abilities in the first 2 to 3 sessions, and quickly got us training, learning, and seeing results while enjoying the whole process. One more quality that I would use to describe Karl is that of “true professional”. By that, I mean someone who is an expert in his work, trustworthy, and dedicated. As a fellow healthcare professional, this gets me really excited. More and more, health care is a collaboration of all kinds of health care specialists.

Edward Yen

Osteopath. (D.O.M.P.) Member of Association des Osteopathes du Quebec

Being an Osteopath, over the past few years I had the honor to work with Karl professionally as we care for a number of clients together. What impresses me about Karl is that he is one of the few healthcare professionals who genuinely care about the well-being of his clients. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty of a personal trainer and nutritional adviser. He treats his clients like old friends and cares for them both on and off duty.

Danielle S. Ross, PhD, MSc, MA

Health Scientist

Karl Viger has written a very thorough, yet practical and straight-forward guide to help students and trainers alike maximize their fitness goals. Anatomical background is logically followed up with specific exercise, rest, and nutrition advice. Novices and experts alike can benefit from this book. Karl takes a holistic approach to fitness that includes essential knowledge of anatomy and physiology, nutrition, targeted areas of the body, appropriate rest, and psychosocial support. Karl is an energetic, positive personal trainer who can motivate and help just about anyone get positive fitness results.