• I started with Karl in order to reduce my pain, increase my overall fitness (mobility, flexibility) as well as to achieve my  weight loss goals. Our exercise sessions have been adapted to meet my unique needs (as I have had back and neck injuries) 3 times a week. I have seen great results and I feel very motivated to get my health and well being back on track. I would highly recommend Karl to anybody who is looking to get into shape or needs help with pain reduction /pain management!

Ginette C. 57 years old

  • I’ve been working with Karl for a little over a year. When we started I had severe sciatic pain down my left leg. I had to stop doing part of my job due to the pain. I never thought I could exercise with a herniated disc in my lumbar spine. He started with gentle exercises being careful to not put stress on my back. We did stretches and weight training, and manoeuvres to strengthen my core. Slowly but surely we increased my capabilities and my back pain started going away. Now I am pain free most days and feel stronger than ever. I’ve gained confidence and find pleasure in exercising now. People have noticed a change in my body too. I’ve made taking care of my health a priority thanks to Karl.

Julie M. 40 years old

  • After the birth of my first son in 2006, and gaining 60lbs during my pregnancy, my body had definitely changed from what it used to be when I was 20 years old. After two years, I managed to get back down to 125lbs, but seemed to stagnate there. People told me that I was better off forgetting trying to weigh 110 lbs again because those days were over. Once I got pregnant for the second and last time, I vowed that I would take matters into my own hands, hire a personal trainer and get back into shape. I found an advertisement in the local newspaper and contacted Karl Viger two weeks after giving birth to my second son. I was hoping that he could help me learn how to eat properly and exercise again. It was time to reclaim the body I once had! He was very encouraging and went through a fitness plan with me. He also raided my fridge and pantry and made me realize that I had developed very bad eating habits. I was eating like a very active 20 year old, not like the more stagnant 31 year old mother of two that I had become. I thought that I was eating well, however he opened my eyes to false advertising. He taught me how to read labels and eat certain foods at certain times in order to maximize my weight loss, all while still enjoying the foods I love. His nutrition plan was really easy to follow and has now been adopted by the whole family including my now 4 year old son. In only 3 months, working out 1-2 days per week, I have not only gone from 145 lbs down to 123 lbs, but I feel stronger and more energetic.  The fact that Karl trains with me at home also makes working out so much easier. If I had to have the kids babysat every time I wanted to go to the gym, I would still be sitting at home putting on weight! Karl is very patient, has a great sense of humor and makes training with him an absolute pleasure. He is energetic and diversifies his exercises, so you never have time to get bored!  He also always takes into account how his clients are feeling on any given day and adapts his workouts in consequence. The best advice that I could give people who are looking to lose weight and get fit, would be to learn how to eat properly. Karl often says “food is key” and he is right. I was always under the misconception that the more I exercise I did, the more weight I would lose. In reality, I have learned that the way I eat influences 80% of my weight loss.  Thanks to Karl I strongly believe that I will achieve my 110 lbs goal and perhaps look even better than I did way back when. All in all, I highly recommend Karl Viger to anyone who wants to look and feel better about themselves.

 Emese G. 31 years old 


  • In March 2013, I decided to join the local gym. I also needed to enlist the help of a personal trainer who would not only train me, but coach me to make healthier choices when it comes to food. Karl was recommended to me because I have issues with lower back pain. With his experience, he could help me manage my pain by showing me the right exercises to strengthen my core and lower back muscles. Karl is the complete package when it comes to managing a fitness program.  He is not just a personal trainer running you through a set of exercises.  He understands how the body works and the nutritional needs for you to meet your own fitness/weight loss goals.Karl has the ability to motivate and push you beyond your limits. He customizes the training to fit your personal goals and provides a personalized nutritional plan to help you achieve and maintain healthy eating habits. He is always there to encourage, challenge, redirect, and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. After seven months of training with Karl, I am in the best shape of my life! I’m virtually pain-free; I’ve lost weight and dropped my body fat percentage, while increasing my strength and cardio levels. I feel amazing and am healthier than ever!

Julie G. 38 years old