Getting Fit – PT1


Alright, you’re tired of feeling this way, broken every mirror you’ve walked in front of and accused every store of making your specific pant size smaller than it was before. It’s time for a change, you know it… but where to start? I’m going to help you. This is the first post in a series that will guide you on your journey to your fitness goals.

First thing is first, you need to recognize your habits and current lifestyle in order to strategize an approach that will get you on the right track.

I’m going to give you a powerful tool that I use with my clients. It’s called a journal. Sounds silly right? Well guess what…. It works. If you can be dedicated enough to be consistent on a daily basis for at least two weeks, then you have what it takes to get into shape.

What you’re going to record is the following:

– Time you woke up

– Time you ate breakfast include general details, (no measurements)

– The time and general description of every other meal that you’ve eaten for the day

-Time you went to bed

– Rinse and repeat for the entire week

Check back soon for part 2

– Yours in health,

Karl Viger